Open Access BPO is a leading global provider of business outsourcing solutions (BPO). Our company is based in San Carlos, California, with offices located in the prestigious central business district of Makati, Philippines.

We have been serving various businesses worldwide since 2006, ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies. Currently, we employ more than 350+ expert staff for call center and back office operations. Open Access specialize in inbound customer service, technical support, sales and marketing, e-commerce, and a host of other business solutions. We also provide multilingual support in Asian and European languages for a number of our business and knowledge process outsourcing services.

Open Access BPO operates under a neo captive system, which offers the convenience of outsourcing with the additional advantage of giving our clients customized options over outsourced operations.

We believe in giving only the best-quality solutions to our clients and we aim to help businesses reduce costs, improve bottom line, and achieve unprecedented growth through outsourcing to the Philippines.