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November 10, 2017 |

8 Ways to recover from being late for a job interview

worried businessman outdoors making phone call
Going on a job search is no easy feat. It could go on for months, without as much as a call back from any of the companies you’ve sent your resume to. It’s a stressful period which can be aggravated further by self-doubt and interview jitters. Read More

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September 28, 2017 |

5 Things to do on your first day at work

confused customer support agent holding headset mike
After all the job hunting and interview hullaballoo, you’re finally hired. All the effort of trying to look personable, arriving earlier than expected for interviews, all the nerve-wracking questions, and waiting for a call have finally paid off. Now, a new feeling of nervousness and excitement settles in—your first day at work. Read More

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March 23, 2017 |

5 Misconceptions about working in the BPO industry

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You’ve probably heard a lot of things about what it’s like to work in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. You might’ve seen one of your neighbors casually strolling at night on their way to work, then thought, “Maybe he’s a call center agent.” You might’ve seen countless customer support job openings online. Maybe you have a vague idea, but you don’t really know what it’s truly like to work an outsourced job. Read More

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February 2, 2017 |

Developing your soft skills to be a better call center agent

smiling female call center agent attending to customer
Granted, you’ve landed a job as a call center agent, it follows that you’re armed with the skill set needed to do well in the industry. Landing the job based on your technical aptitudes is one thing, but it takes a different skill range to excel in it. Your knowledge and education need to come with soft skills so you can unbridle your full potential as a customer support agent. Read More

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January 9, 2017 |

5 Stress management tips for call center reps

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Stress is an unavoidable part of our daily lives. Its causes and manifestations differ from one person to the next. But no matter how insignificant you think its effects are, it’s important to address them before they worsen. Read More

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October 11, 2016 |

5 Reasons why BPO employees must learn a foreign language

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If you’re serious about pursuing a profession in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, you must continuously hone your skills and cultivate new ones. One of the best ways to do this is to learn, practice, and become perfectly fluent in a foreign language. Read More

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September 20, 2016 |

4 Ways you’re ruining your customer service career

disgruntled headache boss worried employee
It’s no secret that the Philippine business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, dominated by voice customer service, is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country. It’s also recognized as one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world. What makes it stand out are its English-proficient workforce, cultural flexibility, and affordable costs. Read More

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August 25, 2016 |

What’s your communication style as a customer service rep?

diverse call center agents attending to callers
As a customer service representative, your communication style greatly affects the way you interact with callers. Often, how you talk to customers and approach the issues they raise can determine the success or failure of a transaction. To keep delivering your best performance, it pays to be aware of the way you’re communicating with customers so you’ll be able to enhance your skills. Read More

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July 2, 2016 |

Contact center job application tests you should prepare for

man in glasses looking at laptop
Joining a contact center is not a walk in the park. Employers commonly set up a stringent recruitment process to find the right people for the job. Job recruiters or human resources personnel, for instance, assess if you’re a great team player who can eventually contribute to the growth of the campaign and the company. Read More


June 21, 2016 |

5 Smart professional networking tips for BPO employees


Call center jobs provide a lot of leeway for professional networking, but often, those in the industry don’t make the most of this opportunity. Your professional network could open great doors that would otherwise be inaccessible. You might be surprised that most managers choose to do business with people who are well-connected. The breadth of one’s network not only measures a person’s influence but also implies good communication and socialization skills. Read More


May 10, 2016 |

5 Skill-boosting hobbies for call center agents


Working in a call center can be challenging. Agents are constantly operating on a highly competitive and dynamic environment, and this could stress them out over time. If they can’t cope and adjust in this type of workplace, they may stop growing and improving their skills. As a result, their productivity and engagement may eventually dwindle, both of which are unacceptable in the field of customer support. Read More


March 10, 2016 |

4 Ways to keep learning once a call center hires you


Two things can happen once a call center hires you: either you overstay in your position or you move up the corporate ladder more quickly than the others. Obviously, the latter is what you should be going after. You’ll find that managing a contact center, overseeing operations, and strategizing for the company’s overall improvement can be truly fulfilling. Read More


December 4, 2015 |

How BPO jobs nurture employees’ entrepreneurial spirit


The most common stigma about jobs in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is that they’re dead-end jobs. If you haven’t worked for this industry yet, chances are this is what you think too. Most professionals, especially fresh graduates, feel as though there are limited opportunities in this sector. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Read More


September 4, 2015 |

Career advice for millennials in the BPO industry


Early in your journey as a professional in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, making good career decisions will prepare you for success. Most millennial graduates make the mistake of foregoing the career planning stage, but this may only set you up for a big failure later on. You need to know what you want out of an outsourcing-related career so that you can figure out the paths you need to take to get there. Read More


July 27, 2015 |

Open Access BPO creates call center jobs for Davaoeños


Davaoeño IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) professionals can look forward to approximately 180 new job opportunities next month, following Open Access BPO’s recent announcement that it will be launching a new office in the Philippines’ safest city on August 11.

Read More


July 7, 2015 |

Applying for a BPO Job:
4 Things You Need to Prepare


Landing a job in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry can be challenging. Aside from the fact that you’ll be competing with hundreds of applicants, outsourcing companies are also very cautious with who they hire. They make sure that they only hire individuals who are professional, responsible, and quick to adapt to the growing nature of the industry. Read More


June 8, 2015 |

6 Fresh, creative ways to stand out among hundreds of job applicants


Job hunting and job applications are not easy. For every job post, hundreds of applicants may be competing, and employers now tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to who they hire. They want the best people who can help their companies grow, so it’s every job applicant’s crucial task to do their best in order to land their dream career. Here are six creative ways to stand out among hundreds of job applicants and get hired right away. Read More


May 7, 2015 |

How job hunters should answer interview questions about past failures


One way for companies to assess their job applicants’ ability to handle adversity in the workplace is by asking them about their failures in the past. As much as job hunters want to evade job interview questions like “Are there any previous goals that you failed to achieve?”, making an excuse or beating around the bush can do more harm than good. Read More


April 29, 2015 |

How to create a resume that stands out


“How can I make my resume stand out?” This is perhaps one of the many questions that goes through the mind of every job seeker. With the tight competition among those vying for the same job positions, it’s important to know how to create a resume that can leave a good impression on recruiters. Read More