3 Things that millennials want in a company


Call centers in the Philippines are popular stepping stones for fresh graduates who want to jumpstart their careers, but can the outsourcing world really promise a sturdy mast for a smooth-sailing future? Open Access BPO lists down the factors that businesses must possess in order to provide make their millennial assets happy career-wise.

Millennials, in general, are perceived to be professionally inexperienced social media addicts who tend to jump from jobs to jobs more than any other generation. Although some assumptions about twenty-somethings are true, these are not entirely flaws that make them unqualified for many positions. The Generation Y actually makes a strong force, especially in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry where savvyness for all things tech is a top skill to have.

Young professionals are indeed important assets who act as cogwheels that make many industries move, but they can be challenging to recruit. They have values and mindsets that employers need to consider to be able to attract competent millennials to their fence.


1.     Purpose


Salary is of course a top basis for wanting to land a job, but studies show that money is not the most important aspect that young workers want to be fulfilled. Eighty-four percent of them see greater value in meaningful work compared to merely a quarter who placed hefty compensation as the number one reason for to be hired.

According to Match Marketing Group’s talent management senior director, Lisa Ritchie, millennials worry about teamwork and having meaning in what they do, so you have to “demonstrate the value of work and the opportunity to build community with your team.”


2.     Culture fit


Today’s young adults care a lot about their coworkers as much as their work environment. They like to be around people whose interests, culture, and values are similar to theirs so that they can have a harmonious working atmosphere. Employers can display their value for teamwork not just during the interview but also on the company blog and in the all branding activities of the company.


3.     Clear career path


Millennials want to be with a company where they have room to grow. It is important for them to outline a career trajectory where a move into leadership positions is usually part of the goal.

The president and CEO of Match Marketing Group, Brett Farren, suggests laying out a five-year career path that shows workers upfront how long it might take for them to advance. This way, they’d be more likely to stick around and pursue the clear-set goals.


Indeed, millennials are useful assets that could help businesses widen their reach to many markets, especially the younger populations. Investing in them by providing adequate training and pleasant working conditions could help you attract qualified candidates who could grow into industry leaders in the future.