4 Deeds that can jeopardize your interview


Recruiters are always on the lookout to get applicants who have the potential to be the next leaders of their company. In order to fulfill this, they carefully eye every applicant during job interviews. Since job positions in every call center in the Philippines require specific skills and qualifications, putting your best food forward may not be enough to make a good impression.

It is important to note some traits may even hurt your chances of getting hired. Here are some things you must avoid during your upcoming interview.


1.     Exhibiting low self-esteem


Employers want to hire people who can speak up and take on challenging roles. If you display signs that you lack the confidence to be part of a proactive team, they might take it as a sign that you are not what they are looking for. So carry yourself with pride, but do not overdo it because it might be mistaken for arrogance. Display optimism during the interview, make eye contact, and answer in the most honest way you can.


2.     Bashing previous employers


Maybe the reason you are applying for the job is because you are already unhappy with your former or current employment. In this case, it is absolutely unwise to say negative things about your previous employers and bosses. Bashing can lead your interviewers to think that you will display the same lack of respect to them at all times. Opt to be discreet about anything related to them and instead focus on your previous responsibilities and what you learned from your previous employer.


3.     Using the wrong words


In any part of the interview process, always keep your professional vocabulary intact. Recruiters can be very particular with your choice of words because it gives them an idea how you communicate with your colleagues and customers. Even if the interviewer goes off-the-record, try to remain formal and composed. Avoid unnecessary expressions or side comments that can be taken against you.


4.     Eyeing the paycheck


Money talk can be interesting, but not at this point. The hiring team wants people who are mostly interested in the job position they offer and the growth that comes with it. While it can tempting to ask, your future employers might question your motives in getting the job. Instead, wait until the job offer before you start the negotiation process. This can create a positive image and exhibit a sense of professionalism.


Keep in mind that nailing an interview is a step closer to landing your dream job. So make sure not to miss on any of these tips to successfully get to the next level of your career.