4 Tips to be a more productive customer support agent

happy call center agent busy attending to customer call
On average, a happy client tells nine people about their good customer service experience. Unfortunately, a disgruntled one would tell twice more people about a brand’s poor performance.

If you could delight even just one customer every day—by responding promptly to messages, resolving issues, and personalizing interactions, etc—you can make 250 people happy within a year (considering that a year has 250 working days). Based on these figures, chances are, 2,250 more people will hear about your brand’s stellar customer support.

To achieve this kind of domino effect, call center agents must increase their productivity. Here are a few tips to be an efficient brand representative.


1.     Focus on one task at a time.

call center employee pointing to computer monitor

To cope with increasing amounts of workload, you may be tempted to multitask. This, however, isn’t always a good strategy. It only works when you’re handling light and easy tasks. Otherwise, you may end up sacrificing quality for quantity, as multitasking divides your focus and thereby increases the chances that you’ll commit errors.

Plus, science proves humans are naturally horrible multitaskers. It takes us around 23 minutes to shift from one task to another. Thus, doing several tasks at once would use up more of your time than doing them one by one.


2.     Be accountable for your actions.

male call center agent praying

Understand that you should take responsibility for your low productivity. Remember, the call center you’re working for and the brand you represent rely on you to make customers happy and help achieve the team’s targets. Keeping their expectations in mind can encourage you to stop procrastinating.


3.     Reduce workplace distractions.

office girl covering ears in noisy loud office

Reducing external distractions would let you focus on work, allowing you to do more in a given time with good results. For example, you may install website blockers on your computer, keep your phone on silent mode, and minimize your friendly chats with colleagues. This way, you can truly focus on the customer support interactions you’re handling, and this will enable you to be more efficient as you solve callers’ issues.


4.     Take a break every once in a while.

office employee having coffee by laptop

When you feel stressed out and overwhelmed during the day, taking a break can help. Studies show that breaks boost focus and productivity. This will thus help call center agents deliver positive customer service experiences. Taking your mind off work even for a few minutes would also help you recover from mental fatigue and make you feel better. Just make sure not to take unnecessarily long breaks so you can easily get back to work.