4 Ways to keep learning once a call center hires you


Two things can happen once a call center hires you: either you overstay in your position or you move up the corporate ladder more quickly than the others. Obviously, the latter is what you should be going after. You’ll find that managing a contact center, overseeing operations, and strategizing for the company’s overall improvement can be truly fulfilling.

But like everyone who aims to make it big, you’ll be starting from entry-level positions, most probably as a customer service representative. To make the most of this experience, you must keep learning in order to prepare for bigger roles within the company.

Here are five ways to expand your learning and advance your BPO career.


1.     Master both written and oral communication.


Young professionals often make career decisions based on the skills they currently have. But those who want to succeed refuse to make this a limitation. Rather, they acknowledge the areas that they need to work on and they strive to improve them. Thus, if you’re comfortable communicating verbally but aren’t that confident with your writing skills, focus on the latter. For example, writing one paragraph a day or learning 10 new words every week is great practice. On the other hand, if you’re more of a writer but lack verbal communication skills, you can start practicing with a friend. Later, you’ll be able to smoothly deliver your thoughts orally.


2.     Stay updated on industry trends.


A lot of things are happening in the customer service industry, and these are mostly triggered by new technologies and innovations. By staying updated on industry trends, you’ll be able to make predictions about what’s about to come and how call centers may change in the near future. This will allow you to identify the new tech-based skills you need to master in order to continue contributing significantly to your workplace.


3.     Try to learn at least one thing from each of your co-workers.


Always remember this mantra: speak less and listen more. When given the opportunity to meet a coworker from a different department in your call center or someone in a higher position, make the most of it. Always be curious about other people’s stories—where they started from, their struggles, and how they found themselves in their current position. This way, you’ll gain priceless and very unique real-life lessons, which you can apply as you encounter similar situations.


4.     Read more books.


Books are great sources of information and wisdom, and it’s quite unfortunate that too few people like to read. Reading not only expands your knowledge but also your perspective. By making reading a habit, you’ll be able to approach problems from a different angle or come up with more effective strategies to address them. The materials you must read aren’t limited to those concerning call centers or entrepreneurship. On the contrary, exposing yourself to various topics or stories can be even more satisfying.