4 Ways you can better present your accomplishments on your résumé

Your résumé’s accomplishment statements can convince your prospective employers that you can bring a lot to the company. Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, shows how you can make your résumé stand out by formulating striking accomplishment statements.

You know that job hunt is all about survival of the fittest. Employers will always hire the candidates who they think are the best among all job applicants. Before you get chosen, your resume has to first convince hiring managers that you are truly fit for the job. You must present significant accomplishments in your previous employment experiences in order to stand out from the competition.

So if you want your résumé to get noticed, you must win your employers over by adding accomplishment statements that are carefully thought out. Here are some tips that you can use to describe your past accomplishments on your résumé.



1.     Use simple language and format

Avoid using superfluous language; most employers find it annoying if you use vague words such as “effective” or “dynamic” to describe your accomplishments. Instead, use technical terms that are used in the industry that you belong to. Using bulleted statements will make reading them easier to do. Use indentions to distinguish main points from supporting details.



2.     Distinguish responsibilities from accomplishments

Simply put, your responsibilities are tasks that were assigned to you in your previous employment while your accomplishments prove how well you carried out your tasks. Don’t fill your list with responsibilities that you were expected to execute in the first place. Instead, narrate how you fulfilled your duty excellently and what achievements you gained out of the experience.



3.     Begin your statements with action words

You can create a greater impact if you start your accomplishment statements with words that convey actions, such as “accelerated,” “developed,” “reached,” and “managed.” Verbs add life to your resume, and they also bring more attention to your accomplishments since actions are easier to visualize. Just be consistent with your verb tense when doing so.



4.     Use numerical figures

If you increased sales, hastened processing times, improved services or done anything exceptional in your previous company, present these accomplishments with numerical figures, such as percentages or price rates. Quantifying the changes will create more impact and credibility to your statements. It will also help employers measure your success through numbers.


Building your résumé is an exciting but challenging task. You need to make sure that everything written on it will work to your advantage. Presenting your accomplishments strategically can help you get higher chances of landing the job. Follow these tips when doing so, and your résumé will be a top pick.