5 Common interview questions in the contact center

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If you’re interested in starting a meaningful career in a contact center, you’ll need to prepare yourself to show what you’re capable of during your job interview. This involves leaving a positive first impression and, of course, showcasing your skills and competence by confidently answering the interview questions.

Here are some common questions asked during a job interview:


1.     Tell me something about yourself

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This is perhaps one of the most common statements that employers from across industries ask their applicants. To answer this, it’s best to highlight the qualifications and capabilities that make you the right person to hire for the job opening. You don’t have to talk about your full employment history, though you may have to specify instances in previous jobs where you managed to overcome obstacles or yielded impressive results. Be sure to keep your answer short and respond confidently.


2.     What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Stating your strengths can be pretty straightforward; choose three to five of your skills and qualities that match the qualifications specified in the company’s job ad. You may also give a quick explanation as to how those have helped you succeed in the past.

As for your weaknesses, be prepared to admit and honestly talk about past mistakes and traits that you lack. Follow these with a short narrative that shows your accountability and explains what you’ve been doing to overcome them to become a better professional.


3.     What do you know about contact centers?


Companies commonly ask this question because it reveals just how interested and motivated you are to get hired. Your answer tells them if you’re taking the job opportunities seriously and have prepared yourself with the possible adjustments that you might have to make should you get hired.

If you don’t have any experience working for an outsourcing company, there are countless websites, blogs, and resources you can read online. There’s also a good chance that they might ask you what you know about their company, so visiting their website’s About Us page is always a good idea.


4.     How well can you handle pressure?


A few Google searches will reveal stories about how challenging work is in the outsourcing industry. Depending on the company that hired you and the campaign you end up being assigned with, you may have to deal with frustrated (and frustrating) customers or coworkers on a regular basis.

As such, it’s not enough for you to have a positive response to this question during the interview process. You must also be confident in your ability to actually take on the daily tasks, the heavy workload, and the stress that come with working for a contact center.


5.     Are you amenable to work on a shifting schedule?


This is also one of the questions that need serious reflection. Ask yourself, and answer honestly if you are able to stand irregular working hours. Are you able to report for work on a shifting schedule? How about on a graveyard shift? Would it be more difficult to you to travel from your home to the office during those hours?

Are you able to let go of some of previously established, non-work-related activities that you enjoy during certain times of the day, or on particular days of the week just to show up for work? If you, yourself have a positive answer to this question, you won’t have too much trouble responding to this query during your job interview.


These are just some of the common questions that might be raised during your interview. It’s important for you to answer them genuinely, and not just to ace this part of the application process. Thinking about these interview questions, and assessing yourself will gauge your willingness and passion to work in the contact center industry.