5 Job search mistakes that can prevent you from landing a job

Have you been job hunting for a while now and still not finding any success? Open Access BPO, one of the leading providers of call center solutions in the Philippines, lists down some common mistakes that job seekers commit when looking for a job.

Getting your dream job requires a lot more than just furnishing an impressive resume and sending it to your potential employers. When job hunting, you make an effort to meet every employer’s qualifications and make your background flawless. But, despite putting your best foot forward, you may still be prone to committing mistakes.

Hence, it is important for job seekers to be aware of the things that could potentially prevent them from landing their desired jobs. Here are some common mistakes that are often overlooked when searching for a job:

•   Not establishing a network

In the job hunting world, it pays to have strong connections with people from the same industry you want to become a part of. By establishing a professional network, you can make sure that there are individuals in the industry who can reinforce your chances of getting the job.

The people in your network can also help you know about job openings in their companies and assist you with your application. By attending career fairs, joining professional organizations, or expanding your online network in LinkedIn, you can meet people who can potentially help you with your employment needs in the future.

•   Excluding the cover letter when applying online

Unless otherwise stated, it’s wise to attach a cover letter to your résumé when applying online. The more information you provide about your career background, the higher chances you have in landing a job interview. A cover letter is a perfect avenue for you to convey your strengths in full detail. You can also explain why you chose to apply for the company and what makes you a perfect fit for the job.

These things, although may be subtly covered, can never be fully expressed in your résumé. It is also important to make sure that your cover letter is tailored to the company and the specific position you are applying for, instead of sending a generic or canned letter, which can give recruiters an impression of laziness.

•   Procrastinating or delaying application

Most job seekers think that since companies usually take their time to gather many candidates before screening them, it is okay to submit application weeks after a job announcement is posted. This isn’t always the case. You must remember that as soon as the job ad becomes available, the employer may receive hundreds of applications. They may start filtering them and close the submission period earlier than planned. It’s important that you stay on top of the competition by searching recruitment websites frequently and submit a résumé as soon as you find a good prospective company.

•   Failing to follow-up after initial interview

A thank you note sent to a prospective employer right after the interview can lead to several advantages. Aside from showing courtesy, you can also use the opportunity to stand out from the competition by mentioning something about yourself that will make the interviewer remember the interview you had with him.

Do not be afraid to send an e-mail or make a call to ask about the status of your job application. Not only does following up expresses your desire to get the job, it can also direct the attention of the prospective employer to your application.

For you to get your most desired job, you must know which job hunt practices aren’t helping you. By referring to these job search mistakes, you can be a wiser job seeker with a better strategy in mind.