5 Skill-boosting hobbies for call center agents


Working in a call center can be challenging. Agents are constantly operating on a highly competitive and dynamic environment, and this could stress them out over time. If they can’t cope and adjust in this type of workplace, they may stop growing and improving their skills. As a result, their productivity and engagement may eventually dwindle, both of which are unacceptable in the field of customer support.

One of the best ways to fight the effects of stress is to engage in a creative side project. Cultivating a new hobby can take your mind off work-related worries that may be draining you. The best thing about engaging in a new project, however, is that it helps develop not just your personality but also your professional skills. So why not try at least one of these hobbies?


1.     Publish something regularly.


You’ll never run out of the ways you can express yourself through the internet. With the array of digital media tools available at absolutely no cost, you can create videos, maintain a blog, post photographs, or record podcasts. Just think about how much you can learn about various social media platforms!

But apart from gaining technical know-how, publishing your own creations online and sharing them with the rest of the world will widen your network. At first, you may not be aware of how this can help you grow, but over time, you’ll notice your communication skills improving as you encounter more people who may be from very diverse locations. This would also help you become more confident, assertive, and goal-oriented. All of these are skills that call center managers highly value.


2.     Engage in a sport.


Aside from its health benefits, engaging in a sport can be mentally stimulating. A study from a research journal called Frontiers in Human Neuroscience revealed that those who regularly work out or play sports are more creative than those who don’t. This means that they are better problem solvers, which is one of the most sought-after professional skills in the customer support field. Also, having a strong body that would enable you to perform well at work is a great bonus!


3.     Learn to code.


You don’t have to be a full-fledged web developer or programmer to reap the benefits of knowing how to code. Basic coding skills will allow you to diversify your tech skills, so you can explore more opportunities in the call center industry. But even if you want to stay in the customer service department, this skill can help you better understand tech processes, especially those that are software-dependent.


4.     Volunteer for an organization.


Volunteering is perhaps one of the best hobby ideas anybody could ever recommend. Working with cause-driven organizations will not only leave you feeling a lot lighter and more productive, it also has huge impacts to local community members and people who are in need. As you participate in various causes, you’ll make new friends and contacts while gaining an understanding of your own talents and potential. This improves your social and relationship building abilities as well as your communication skills, which are extremely useful for customer support.