5 Things to consider before signing that call center employment contract


Do you think you’re ready to sign the dotted line? Before you do that, it’s better to consider what’s in it for you when you join a call center company. It’s best to know ahead if you’re comfortable with your workload, if the company fits your culture, and if it will help you attain your goals.

In this article, we look into the essential things that you need to take note of before signing a contact center’s employment contract.


1.     Job post and responsibilities


Know if you have attained the job post you initially applied for, and the responsibilities that go along with it. Were you applying as a call center agent? Even if you’re armed with the proper customer service skills, for instance, you need to understand if you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically ready to take on the job.


2.     Work location


The company’s location should be among your biggest considerations before even submitting your resume. You may be diligent in leaving home early for your commute to work, but if your office is three cities away from your home, then it might be challenging to get to work on time. The distance may work against you, as well as possible traffic scenarios, future weather conditions, changes in your work schedule, and other personal reasons.


3.     Compensation, benefits, and bonuses


Find out about the compensations that go with signing your call center employment contract. What bonuses, incentives, and benefits do employees of that company regularly receive? What kind of health plans is the company offering? From here, you can evaluate if working for the company is going to be worth your effort, time, and sacrifices.


4.     Work Schedule and holidays


While a lot of job hunters are willing to work the graveyard shift, not everyone will be able to comply with it. Perhaps there’s a previously established recurring activity that you simply can’t forgo, or maybe some people just prefer to work the dayshift. In any case, knowing what work schedules are available to you and whether they’re fixed or shifting can help you decide if you should pursue your career opportunities with a call center company.


5.     The work environment


What does the contact center’s work environment make you feel when you first visit it? Be observant of the office environment, and see if you’re comfortable staying in it. You must also pay attention to the first few people you’ve encountered. Ask yourself if you can get along with them, and if you can picture yourself working in that workspace every single day of your career.


There are a few things you need to take note of, before deciding to join a call center. This will make you realize if you’re going to stay with them for the long haul, or if your capabilities are enough to make you stay in it.