5 Things to do on your first day at work

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After all the job hunting and interview hullaballoo, you’re finally hired. All the effort of trying to look personable, arriving earlier than expected for interviews, all the nerve-wracking questions, and waiting for a call have finally paid off. Now, a new feeling of nervousness and excitement settles in—your first day at work.

Like a kid’s first day at school, day one at your new job can be heart-pounding, exciting or scary even. As much as possible, you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your new peers. You want to look impressive towards them. Most importantly, you want to prove yourself to the team that the company was right in hiring you.

First impressions might not last, but you should make a good impression on your first day, nonetheless. Here are five things you should do at the first day of your new career.


1.     Take initiative

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New employees are commonly given small tasks to break them in. Still, this is a good day to prove what you’re capable of. Be proactive and be productive on your first day. Take initiative when it comes to tasks you know you can do. Finish the tasks efficiently. You should still remember though to take it slowly and not overwork yourself. Otherwise you’ll see yourself burnt out the coming weeks.


2.     Dress (appropriately) to impress

employee fixing office clothes in front mirror

It’s your first day at work so dress to impress! But remember that you’re going to work, not to a party. So, know the dress code for work first. Present yourself as someone who’s dependable and professional. Maintain the impression you gave during the interviews from here on out.


3.     Connect with coworkers when you can

young office coworker friends

When given time to socialize, always try to do so. Introduce yourself to your coworkers. Join them in lunches or chat them up during light hours. Your coworkers are the ones who know the ropes when it comes to your office, so befriend them when you can.


4.     Observe your working environment

fun coworkers in meeting giving high five in office

Since most first days have a lighter workload, it’s also a good time to look at your working environment. Take note of the working processes involved in your work. Aside from socializing, learn more regarding your office culture by observing everyone. Look for social cliques or groups and you’ll know who gets along most of the time.


5.     Be yourself

happy bearded call center agent in glasses giving thumbs up

Despite all these ideas on how to make a good first impression, the best impression one can have is to be themselves. You don’t need to really try too hard in impressing your workmates or your bosses with your accolades or what have you. Just be your normal self.


Beginnings are scary. Whether it’s your first job or your second or third, the start of a career may seem like a tough time. But after that long and terrifying day, it’s worth it.