6 Fresh, creative ways to stand out among hundreds of job applicants


Job hunting and job applications are not easy. For every job post, hundreds of applicants may be competing, and employers now tend to be extremely cautious when it comes to who they hire. They want the best people who can help their companies grow, so it’s every job applicant’s crucial task to do their best in order to land their dream career. Here are six creative ways to stand out among hundreds of job applicants and get hired right away.


1.     Use catchy resume templates.


In this era where professionals are becoming more and more attuned to good design, incorporating a fresh and catchy resume layout to showcase your skills and qualifications is a surefire way to gain your future manager’s attention. Keep in mind that they may have read through a hundred resumes or more, and they may be looking for something new to break the monotonous task.

If you’re a graphics designer, you can turn your resume into an infographic; communications and marketing practitioners, on the other hand, can use taglines and creative headings. However, no matter your profession, you can always think of a fresh way to present your resume. You can use tables, charts, and figures and include facts or percentages relating to your previous experiences while keeping your resume’s contents streamlined, brief, and crisp.


2.     Use video or audio recordings.


A video or audio recording would showcase your good communication skills and amiable personality, which are qualities that outstanding job applicants must possess regardless of their field of work. In addition, creating a video or audio recording would prove your sincerity in applying for a job opening.

In the recording, make sure to detail why you’re applying for your target job and the reasons employers should hire you. You must also introduce yourself at the beginning of the video or audio, but remember to not overindulge and only include the details that are relevant to the job. Make sure to express your sincerity, and speak in a professional yet personable manner. If done successfully, your recording can stand as an innovative, more interesting replacement of your cover letter.


3.     Gather testimonials and feedback.


This may be time-consuming and challenging, as most professionals may be too busy to grant your request. But if you’ve established good relationships with your former co-workers and your superiors, they would surely be more than happy to write a paragraph or two about the excellent work that you’ve done with them. However, remind them to keep their feedback honest and constructive. After gathering testimonials from at least three colleagues, you can post them on your LinkedIn account. This is a good way to show potential employers, who may be reviewing your social media accounts, that you have a good track record from your previous jobs and that you’re capable of maintaining good professional relationships in the workplace.


4.     Draft an output for potential employers.


Is the company looking for a graphics designer for an environmental awareness project? If so, create an appealing poster that would fit the project. Are they looking for a marketing strategist for a new food chain? Then, you can submit a presentation containing a variety of taglines and TV commercial concepts. The idea is to make your potential employers realize that you have skills and ideas that can contribute to their projects’ success. It’s a good plus if you can create an output exclusively for them.


5.     Don’t just e-mail— give them a call.


Because sending e-mails is very convenient, quick, and easy, most job applicants resort to this option and hope that this gets their job application across. With a little extra research and persistence, however, it’s easy to look for your potential manager’s phone number. You can give them a friendly call to follow up on the resume and other relevant documents that you sent a couple of days ago. Make sure to sound friendly, cheerful, and sincere during the call.


6.     Be mindful of what you post online.


You may think that managers only look at a job applicant’s work-related qualifications, but this is not the case anymore. As much information about anyone can now be found online. Many employers are now looking for decent, morally upright, and open-minded employees—qualities that may imply how they interact with colleagues in the workplace.

A glimpse of your lifestyle would also assure your employers that you’re responsible, ambitious, and well-informed on different areas. Therefore, make sure to watch what you post online. Avoid derogatory remarks and indecent content, and join proactive community discussions.


Job hunting and job applications have become even more challenging nowadays. These fresh tips on standing out among hundreds of applicants would help you get hired right away. Making these tips a habit will surely contribute to your success as a growing professional and make you a marketable and competitive employee throughout your career.