6 Personality development tips to increase your employability


Nowadays, companies can be immensely picky about who they hire. During the job application process, you don’t only need to tell a convincing story about your skills and past achievements. You also have to prove to your future employer that your personality matches the job.

When managers look for someone to fill a position, they want someone with an outstanding personality that complements the responsibilities that come with a job. Of course, they’d also scrutinize your actual skills, but more than this factor, an attractive character is really the key to increase your employability.

Although many argue that personality is more or less fixed, a lot of experts agree that it can actually be changed and even improved. To help you end your job search, here are six personality development tips that will catch your future manager’s attention.


1.     Listen well.


Nothing would make your personality more appealing than good listening skills. Part of listening well is maintaining eye contact and actually paying attention to the other person’s words. This would make the other person feel important, not to mention that this creates a stronger bond between two or more communicators.


2.     Read more.


The more you read, the more well-versed you become about various subjects. You may not immediately find this useful during the job application phase, but in reality, managers are looking for someone whose knowledge isn’t limited to only one area. They prefer well-rounded employees who can take on a variety of tasks, especially during emergency situations.


3.     Cultivate new interests.


Personality development has so much to do with how interesting and engaging you are especially in the eyes of another person. Having various hobbies and immersing in different activities would make you a more interesting person. Moreover, this gives you a chance to share your views or opinions about various topics as you talk to others.


4.     Be a good conversationalist.


You’ll probably encounter a lot of important people during your job search—there’s the HR representative and manager, your immediate superior, your future colleagues, and maybe even the top company executives. If you can’t hold your end of the conversation, they’d probably have a less favorable impression of you, thus decreasing your chances of getting hired.


5.     Think positively.


All managers want someone with a positive, can-do attitude, as employees would most probably face several challenging situations during their entire career. They can immediately sense whether you’re generally optimistic or not, as positive people are usually more confident and lively.


6.     Be yourself.


Improving your personality doesn’t mean that you have to change who you are in order to come across as more interesting. This is an unsustainable approach in personality development, because most people can’t pretend to be somebody they’re not for extended periods. The best way to build your character is to look within yourself to determine your strengths and use them to address your weaknesses.


The job application process is probably one of the most competitive phases in every person’s career. More than your skills and knowledge, what would truly make you stand out among hundreds of applicants is your personality. Make sure to focus on developing your character as you prepare yourself for a new career.