7 Reasons recruiters may ignore your resume


The struggle of landing a job starts with creating a presentable and comprehensive resume. While having a bankable experience and competitive set of skills is an advantage, this does not automatically guarantee calls from recruiters. Open Access Marketing, a call center in the Philippines, shares why some parts of your resume can hurt your job search.


1.     Informal e-mail address


Using an unprofessional e-mail address is a big turn-off to recruiters. This is one of the first details they see on your resume. Avoid including obscenities or anything offensive in your email username, as well as unnecessary adjectives and verbs. For instance, prettyladyanna@xxx.com can make the applicant appear childish. Companies are not eyeing immature employees for their job positions, so maintain a professional image by using a combination of your first and last name.


2.     Inappropriate public social media posts


In order to check personal views and the personalities of every candidate, many recruiters check Facebook and Twitter. This allows them to assess if your values are aligned with the company. For instance, a multicultural company won’t probably hire a candidate who may have posted something racist online. Also, posting photos that should be private can affect your image to recruiters. So, keep your beach and party photos to your circle of friends.


3.     Vague job descriptions


As much as you want to impress employers, it’s better to keep details clear and concise. Recruiters only spend little time browsing through resumes. This is why you should always keep descriptions short but substantial. To do this, highlight specific tasks you have accomplished. Instead of saying you supervised a group of people, you can say how many staff you managed and what specific projects you handled.


4.     Absence of personality


Professionals vying for the same position will most likely put the same content. Writing a bland summary of yourself and listing general skills can make you blend with other applicants. This is where your writing ability can help you stand out. Use your own words in writing your entire resume. Also, include your interests that complements the position you are applying for. If you are a writer, you may want to include blogging as your field of interest.


5.     Use of standard template


With hundreds of resume templates available online, it can be tempting to copy whatever you see first. While there is no harm in using these, recruiters still want to see a touch of your personality on paper. This means tweaking the format and content to make it creative and presentable. Note that your goal is to stand out, not blend in. So if you use exactly the same template that other job-seekers will most likely use, you have slimmer chances of attracting your recruiter’s attention.


6.     Applying for multiple positions


There is a fine line between eagerness and desperation. As much as you want to get into a company, sending your resume for different positions can hurt your application. This can make them think that your indecisiveness can eventually lead to attrition. If the job posting is too broad, you can send an e-mail to the company for clarification. This can help you choose which position fits best to your experiences, skills, and interests.


7.     Lack of proofreading


Spelling, grammar, and sentence construction must be polished. This shows your recruiters how meticulous you are before submitting a piece of work. It displays professionalism, which every company looks for in a candidate. Always review your resume and have someone else proofread it for you. This ensures an error-free resume that can definitely impress employers.

Are you guilty of any of these mistakes? Check your resumes now to make recruiters pull out your resume from a sea of papers.