Call center career tip: Ways to improve your verbal skills


The ability to effortlessly communicate with other people verbally is among the top skills that call centers look for in their job applicants. After all, customer service representatives spend their entire shifts on the phone responding to customer calls.

Effective verbal communication is the key to providing high quality customer support that truly meets customer demands and elevates the relationship between the brand and its consumers.

And while your verbal skills may have proven to be sufficient to get you hired, it’s no excuse not to refine your communication skills. Here are a few tips for doing just that.


1.     Think before you speak


Organize your thoughts first before saying something to the customer. This will allow you to eliminate any awkward pauses, and it saves you from stammering and beating around the bush only to prove a point.


2.     Speak clearly and confidently


In order to speak with confidence and clarity, you must trust in your capabilities to perform the job. To be easily understood by your caller, you must explain matters using simple language and refrain from using jargon or highly technical words.

You also need to avoid sounding monotonous so that the customer won’t trail off during the conversation. You can inflect your voice, if needed, especially when emphasizing a point or you can vary the pitch to express emotion. This can make you sound naturally cheerful which helps in alleviating your callers’ mood and enables you to easily build rapport with them.


3.     Listen proactively


Effective communication involves the willingness to listen to the party you’re speaking with. As such, give your full attention to what your customers are saying and even detect emotions in their speech, letting your empathize and pacify them when necessary. If you’re wary of forgetting about an important concern raised, always have a pen and paper ready to jot down details.


4.     Regularly brush up on language.


Hone your skill in using a language by reading grammar books. At the same time, expand your vocabulary regularly by dipping into novels, magazine or any good reading material and watch television shows and movies.


If you’re aiming for a successful career in the call center, you need to, first and foremost, improve the way you interact. When you have effective grasp of the language, you can be more confident in the way you express yourself and get your ideas across. Having exceptional speaking skill will help you create a good working relationship, whether it’s with customers or with your co-workers.