Career advice for millennials in the BPO industry


Early in your journey as a professional in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, making good career decisions will prepare you for success. Most millennial graduates make the mistake of foregoing the career planning stage, but this may only set you up for a big failure later on. You need to know what you want out of an outsourcing-related career so that you can figure out the paths you need to take to get there.

As you’re on your job search, take this opportunity to map out your next career moves. Here are some useful pieces of career advice to guide your professional venture in the outsourcing industry.


1.     Focus on what you can gain from your work experiences.


You may deal with a lot of disappointments especially if you’re just starting your outsourcing career. Your job may not be as engaging as you thought it would be or you may feel that it isn’t the right one for you. These reactions are all normal, but it doesn’t mean that you can slack off. You can learn a lot from every career opportunity you engage in, so don’t let them pass by without extracting all lessons that you can gain from them.


2.     Aim to make a big impact in the workplace.


One unique characteristic of the millennial generation is that they’re driven by a sense of purpose in the workplace. If they don’t find their career fulfilling or if they can’t see its importance in the bigger picture, they may not give it their best efforts. In such situations, you must always try to recognize your role in the workplace and focus on how you can contribute something to improve the system.


3.     Take risks.


This is probably one of the most commonly given career advice, but it’s also the most important. Career planning isn’t an exact science, and no particular course of action can take you exactly where you want to be. It takes hard work, perseverance, and a lot of risk-taking in order to reach the position that you want.


4.     Work on your socialization skills.


The BPO industry may heavily depend on technology, but don’t use this as a reason to keep your eyes glued to your tech devices. Find time to build a good work-life balance by personally interacting with other people not just to build your network but also to create meaningful life experiences.


5.     Constantly expand your knowledge and expertise.


From the onset of your job search and even after you’ve landed a job, there will always be competition. Many are applying for the same position, and you must possess something that will make you stand out among hundreds of job applicants. Continue to widen your knowledge and sharpen your skills in different areas that would come handy in your career.


As a budding professional in the BPO industry, mapping out your career decisions will help you get your dream job. Aside from the career advice given above, it’s best to follow your passion and engage in jobs that would let you maximize your unique talents.