Define your non-negotiables for a successful call center career

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Most call centers in the Philippines offer competitive salaries, high rewards for both entry- and junior-level positions, extra compensations such as overtime and holiday pays, and bonuses. Their success and proliferation in the country are capturing the attention of fresh graduates and jobseekers from other industries.

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However, although many job applicants are easily lured into the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, some of those working in this sector want to quit just as much. Some of the reasons they cite are the lack of career development, workload mismatch, rigid team management, poor work conditions, and repetitive tasks.

However, this isn’t always the employer’s fault. At times, jobseekers fail to tell recruiters what they need in order to thrive in a call center environment. AS such, they tend to accept the first job offer presented to them without analyzing how it will affect their personal and professional life in the long run.

On your next job hunting spree, you need to keep in mind your non-negotiables, or the things you won’t accept from your next workplace. Here are three insightful questions that would help you define them.

1.     Why did you leave your previous company?

Don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to your prospective employer. Tell them honestly why you quit your previous job. It takes courage to be truthful, but this way, you’re helping yourself land the perfect job with the right organization. In turn, you’re also helping them find a qualified candidate. Remember, to build a fulfilling BPO career, you need to find the right firm you’ll be working with for the rest of your professional years.

2.     What will make you stay?

Jot down the things that will encourage you to stay with a call center. This will let you clarify your non-negotiables. Once hired, review your list from time to time and see if the items you wrote are still being met by your company. Communicate with your manager, supervisor, and colleagues if your non-negotiables are no longer being provided, but be civil in doing so. Let your employer know in a professional way that if you keep missing out on these things, your productivity will be affected.

3.     What are your priorities and goals in life?

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Your values and priorities will help determine your career goals. These things differ for everyone. For example, single and married professionals may have different needs. If you still haven’t figured out what matters to you most, it will be difficult to define your non-negotiables. You need to identify what you need from your job and communicate these with the BPO firm you’ll be working with.

Some of the common non-negotiables among call center agents are:

•     inflexible schedule;
•     not being given opportunities for growth;
•     not having to work on weekends and holidays;
•     being forced to work overtime due to backlogs caused by other team members; and
•     not taking calls or answer emails after work.

Defining your non-negotiables at work helps you become more productive. If you know your priorities, you’ll be able to find the balance between your personal and professional life. Overall, this would boost your performance and engagement in the workplace.