How BPO jobs nurture employees’ entrepreneurial spirit


The most common stigma about jobs in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is that they’re dead-end jobs. If you haven’t worked for this industry yet, chances are this is what you think too. Most professionals, especially fresh graduates, feel as though there are limited opportunities in this sector. But nothing can be farther from the truth.

On the contrary, having a career in the outsourcing industry will enable you to branch out beyond your core skills and knowledge. Your outsourcing job can actually be your gateway toward entrepreneurship. If you’re not convinced, check out the list below to learn how the BPO sector nurtures new business professionals.


1.     You will get oriented about how business works.


A firsthand experience of how business works will kickstart the development of your entrepreneurship skills. BPO jobs will provide you a business-oriented perspective about products, services, and most especially customers. Perhaps the biggest advantage of working in this industry is that it familiarizes employees with both business-to-business and business-to-community relationships. Other industries, however, often focus only on one of these two business aspects.


2.     It inculcates a culture of service.


Having a customer service job will expose you to the continuous process of relationship building. And this is the most crucial step in developing your own brand in the future. Businesses that are founded on strong connections—both with other industry players and customers—are bound to be successful. Your everyday interaction with customers and co-workers will make sure that the principle of service naturally manifests in everything you do.


3.     There will be plenty of opportunities to network.


You probably think that working in an outsourcing company means being stuck in an office cubicle all day while answering calls or doing desktop-bound tasks. Although those will be a big part of your BPO career, they won’t be your only responsibilities. You’ll be immersed in the different phases of the job, including numerous trainings, brainstorming sessions, team-building activities, and other exciting functions. Because most projects are collaborative in nature, there will be endless opportunities to build friendships and professional relationships in and out of the workplace. In the future, the contacts you gathered during your BPO career can help you find your way in the business industry.


4.     You will learn to interact with different types of people.


To be a successful professional in the outsourcing industry, enhancing your communication skills is a must. There’s simply no other way to accomplish your customer service tasks if your interpersonal abilities are lagging behind. You’ll be constantly meeting new people and you’ll learn to present yourself well, discuss issues intelligently, and listen attentively—all qualities that will shape you into a full-fledged entrepreneur.


The idea that BPO jobs are dead-end jobs is truly just a misconception. Outsourcing companies foster an environment that enables professionals from all disciplines to become dynamic, career-oriented, and innovative. Start preparing now for your journey into the BPO industry!