How Instagram can help you get your dream job

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor are the top picks of jobseekers when looking for online avenues that can help them in their job search. Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, shows how Instagram can be a promising addition to this list.

Instagram is a great platform to share pictures of yourself, your pet, or the sumptuous meal you just had. But did you know that you can also use this popular photo-sharing app to find a job? With more and more brands using Instagram to engage with their customers, you can now use your account not only to connect with your friends and family, but as an avenue for professional networking as well.

Not only does Instagram let you create your personal brand, it also shows your potential employer that you are innovative and digital savvy. Here are some networking and branding tips that you can apply in using Instagram to land an Insta-career.



1.     Establish your brand

Your Instagram pictures can paint a thousand words. You can use them to prove your future employer that you are an expert in your chosen field. If you want to be a fashion designer, then post pictures of the sketches you made or things that inspire the artist in you. Show that you are deeply interested with the fashion industry and that you enjoy doing creative things every day. Instagram, as a career portfolio platform, is a bit picky though; it’s mostly perfect for jobs that require visual expressions.



2.     Optimize content

Making sure that there’s a consistent message in the pictures you post can help you market yourself better. Creating a separate Instagram account for promoting your expertise is a good way to maintain consistency. Reinforce your message by uploading images of you in action or a video clip of you using your skills. Add photos of industry-related events that you attended. Your goal is to show prospects that you’ve been investing your time and effort in honing your skills.



3.     Follow companies

If you have companies in mind that you’d want to be part of, make sure you follow their accounts, stay updated with what they’re doing, and connect to the same key industry players that they are following. You can even follow the Instagram accounts of specific individuals or departments from your dream company and the ones they constantly interact with. This will not only help you get to know the influential people in the business, you will also increase your chances of them following you back. You can even learn some insights that you can use once you meet some of these important people during your interview.



4.     Use hashtags

Hashtags help your photos show up in search results, so use the ones that are specific to the industry you are planning to join or the name of the firm you have set your eyes on. You can also add location-specific ones. If you are looking for a job in New York’s food or restaurant scene, you can use hashtags like #chefsofinstagram #instafood or #newyorkchefs. Just be careful about posting too many hashtags, since some users may find it unnecessary or even annoying.



5.     Tag your prospect

Don’t think your dream company has seen your body of work? Tag your prospects to get their attention. Just make sure that whatever you are publishing is relevant to them. If you used one of their products, take a picture of it, give a short product review, and tag the company at the end. A simple visit to your profile can lead to several possibilities, including a job invitation. Keep tagging at a minimum, though. Social media managers know when you are being too desperate to catch their attention.


If you want to use Instagram to show your prospective employers what kind of employee you would be, you have to do it in a strategic and creative manner. Make sure that what they see on your profile will make them want to get to know you more. Once recruiters find you, it’s your content that will do the talking. Following these tips can therefore increase your chances of landing a job in a snapshot.