How to ace your phone interview

Most companies turn to phone interviews as a first step in screening applicants. In this article, Open Access BPO suggests some effective ways that jobseekers can apply in order to excel in their phone interview.

Nowadays, one must not only be equipped with a flawless resume or a winning outfit to secure a job. Making a mark during the interview process is also required. More often than not, especially when applying for a job in a call center in the Philippines, jobseekers must undergo phone interviews.

Most employers use telephone interviews as a way of screening applicants before inviting them to a face-to-face interview. This is also done when they need to narrow down the huge pool of candidates or to get in touch with out-of-town applicants.

If you’re currently searching for a job, it’s important that you prepare yourself for a possible phone interview. As soon as you send copies of your resume, you will never know when an employer or recruiter will give you a call.

Preparing yourself

Think of your upcoming phone interview as if it’s a regular interview. Come up with a list of typical interview questions and think about what can potentially be good answers to them. Make sure you can quickly find a quiet space in your house when the moment arrives.

Have a pen and paper ready for taking down notes. Your resume must also be accessible to you at any time. Most importantly, familiarize yourself with the accomplishments and skills you want to highlight during the interview and think of how to explain them without sounding too scripted.

Research about the company

Most recruiters get discouraged when applicants don’t take time to research about the company they’re applying to. Make sure you spare some time visiting the company’s website, paying special focus on its mission, vision, and core values. This will help you come up with a possible answer when a recruiter asks what you know about the company. Also, try visiting job seeking forums or social media groups and read on tips from former applicants of the company you are expecting a call from.

Acing the interview

Just like in a face-to-face interview, you should also exude energy and a positive attitude over the phone. Stand in front of a mirror, smile, and don’t be afraid to make hand gestures and facial expressions even if the interviewer doesn’t see you. Speak slowly and clearly.

Your voice must be lively and well modulated. Be formal in addressing the person you are talking to by using Mister or Miss followed by their last name, unless otherwise instructed. Don’t interrupt the interviewer while asking questions. Your answers must always be brief and concise, but strong and remarkable at the same time.

Ending the interview

Don’t forget to thank the recruiter for taking time to have the interview with you. Don’t be scared to ask what you should expect after the phone interview. Remember, your goal is to create a good impression that will make you qualify for the next step of the recruitment process such as an in-person interview. So, express your desire to be part of the company and how much you’re looking forward to meet the recruiter personally.

Not seeing your interviewer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give your best when being interviewed over the phone. By following these steps, you can bring your A-game to your next phone interview.