How to create a resume that stands out


“How can I make my resume stand out?” This is perhaps one of the many questions that goes through the mind of every job seeker. With the tight competition among those vying for the same job positions, it’s important to know how to create a resume that can leave a good impression on recruiters.

Admittedly, it’s not only the set of skills and experiences that can get the nods of recruiters, but how they are also presented on paper. This is why it’s important to exert more effort to come up with a creative resume design that can instantly connect with employers to help you land the job of your dreams. Here are some tips to follow when you create and recreate your resumes:


1.     Build your own brand


Including a personal touch instantly gives your resume a boost. This allows the recruitment team to get a glimpse of your personality through your design and language. Creating a unique style gives you an opportunity to showcase your creativity, not just your credentials. It also reflects your hard work in putting up all details into one outstanding creative piece. So, make an effort to infuse your personality that can easily make your resume pop.


2.     Use a creative resume design


Free resume templates are readily available online. While using any of these resume templates is not unheard of, it’s important to note that even recruiters have access to them. So the challenge here lies in choosing a template that really does standout in a pile of other templates. What you can do is use those free templates as mere references for creating a unique design that you can call your own.


3.     Keep it short and simple


Ideally, the resume should only have one page so that recruiters can instantly scan through your credentials. This is why using a simple design and writing only brief yet substantial details are effective. Remember, employers don’t have a lot of time to scroll through everything on your resume considering the amount of resumes they receive. So, it’s better to keep it neat and concise.


4.     Don’t plagiarize


It’s important to also show your originality in your resume. So as much as you want to impress recruiters by copying what you think can give you an edge from others, it may just hurt your job application. After all, employers can easily go online to verify your credentials and find out if you’ve copied key phrases from other resumes. Make sure to use any information online only as guide when coming up with your own mix of words that reflect your personality.


5.     Avoid photocopied resumes


If the recruitment team requires submissions on hand, it’s important to keep in mind not to photocopy resumes. While this is a cheap way to reproduce a number of copies, it might end up looking cheap as well. Blemishes and poorly rendered text might distort the overall appeal of your resume and can even get distracting at times. If you can’t avoid having your resume photocopied, be sure to use optimal photocopy settings and opt to use good quality paper for clean copies.