How to excel in a Skype interview

Aside from in-person and phone interviews, many employers are now using Skype to conduct video interviews. Open Access BPO, a leader in call center outsourcing in the Philippines, explains how aspiring job applicants can do great in a Skype interview.

Conducting a job interview over Skype is quickly becoming a common practice among employers nowadays. This new recruitment practice makes face-to-face experience possible while eliminating the need to travel from home.

Most people know how to ace an actual in-person interview, but this doesn’t mean that they can perform well during a video conference as well. So, to job seekers who may see Skype as an unchartered territory, here are some tips that can help you impress your interviewer from a distance.

1.   Practice ahead of time

Doing a practice Skype interview with a friend before the actual video conference can help you a lot because it eliminates the awkward feeling you may get during your first Skype video call. Aside from this, doing a test run also enables you to detect technical problems and correct them ahead of time. Check if your microphone, Internet connection, and webcam are all in good working condition.

2.   Prepare the area

Check if you have a good lighting that works best for your webcam. It’s ideal to have enough light aimed at your face from behind the laptop or camera. You also need to make sure that your surroundings will not distract your interviewer. Remove all clutter and choose a corner with a simple backdrop. The location has to be quiet and free from interruptions made by pets, kids, or the people you live with.

3.   Dress appropriately

It’s true that your interview attire may depend on the nature of your prospective job. But, whatever industry it is, you need to look decent and respectable. Choose a color palette that will match your camera settings and lighting. Your clothes must also stand out from the background. Avoid wearing tops with small details or patterns since these may be hard to process by your webcam.

4.   Talk as if you’re meeting in person

The most important thing to keep in mind when being interviewed over Skype is to treat the call as if you are actually talking to the person in the same room. So, you must sit up straight, make sure your entire upper body is visible, and avoid unnecessary movements. One common mistake done during a video call is staring at one’s image on the screen. You need to look straight at the camera lens to create the impression that you’re looking directly at your interviewer.

5.   Relax and be natural

The last thing you want to look like in front of the camera is an unfriendly or disinterested person. You need to loosen up and smile while talking to your interviewer. Engage with the person with enough enthusiasm and energy. Your articulation of words, intonation, and volume can also convey your mood. Recording yourself beforehand can help you detect areas you might need to improve.

Skype interviews can be an awkward situation for job applicants, especially for those who haven’t been interviewed over a video call before. By following these tips, you can make a great impression on your employer that will help you land the job you are applying for.