How to stand out and be memorable in a job interview

A recent report listed the Philippines’ outsourcing sector among the highest paying industries. This includes call centers that offer inbound customer service and technical support solutions, two of the most popular outsourced services sent to the country. Between the massive amounts of jobseekers jumping aboard the outsourcing train and the rigid screening process companies put into place, getting employed in a call center can become quite the challenging feat.

Given the long list of applicants these contact centers’ HR personnel interview every day, it can really be easy to fade into the background. This, of course, is something you should prevent from happening. Being forgettable says that there is nothing distinct about you that managed to catch the recruiter’s attention.

Being unremarkable means that none of them would remember if you do have any marketable skills, talents, or even a sunny disposition needed in the call center field. As such, your chances of getting hired for an inbound customer service or a technical support job could become slimmer than it already is.

What you need to understand is that in a job interview, you are essentially marketing yourself as a person who understands the industry and is capable of carrying out all the tasks that come with a contact center job.

You should be able to make a good first impression and show the HR personnel what you have to offer by the time you leave the interview room. Here are a few pointers to help you become memorable during your job interview.

Create a kick-ass resume

A good resume will merely list down your credentials and tell the HR personnel how they can get a hold of you. A great resume, on the other hand, will grab your potential employer’s attention and encourage them to consider hiring you for their outbound or inbound customer service campaigns.

In a previous post, we talked about making a resume that’ll truly pop. By shaping your curriculum vitae with a good layout, perhaps a dash of color, and empowering words, you not only relay your skills and experience in the field, but you also show that you’re a talented worker that’s diligent and dedicated to get the job done.

Dress up for the job

Obviously, you’ll need to dress up for your job interview, even if the employees in the call center company you’re applying for come to work in their most casual streetwear. The point here is to show that you’re a well-mannered professional who’s taking this job opportunity seriously; and what better way to embody that than bringing out your inner snappy dresser.

Obviously, you won’t be coming in wearing your fanciest tux or ball gown to the interview, instead show up in business casual. Along with this, it’s also ideal to avoid flashy jewelry and too much makeup as these will only make you look painfully gaudy. Opt for the well-groomed professional look, which means cleanly shaven and neatly combed hair for the gentlemen, while the ladies may go for lighter palettes in their clothing and make-up, and a less abrasive perfume.

Prepare for the interview

Naturally, you’ll need to be mentally prepared to give the best answers possible during the actual interview. There’s little point in crafting a great resume and making yourself easy on the eyes if you have nothing intelligent to say to your potential new employer. After all, the inbound customer service job requires you to talk to people all the time; this means smart responses to help customers over the phone. As such, it would be advisable to brush up on your communication skills by communicating with others.

Do some research to learn about your prospective employers by either visiting their own websites or by checking out online forums. Find out what services they offer and understand that each one may require different skills and values from their potential new employees.

Anticipating questions the interviewer may ask you can help you efficiently answer them. You may also think of clever answers; perhaps you can prepare a quick and interesting story that illustrates your responsibilities in your previous job. Maybe you can even insert a witty quote or a tasteful joke, though you may want to assess the tone of the interview or the general attitude in the company first.

Don’t forget to show up to the office early. This shows your possible employer that you value time, and that you’re making a promise to always come to work early should they hire you. Calculate the time you need to leave home by considering early morning traffic and other possible hitches along the way, and make it to the office at least 15 minutes early. This should give you enough time to freshen up and get yourself psyched up for your interview appointment.

While boatloads of jobseekers are jumping aboard the outsourcing train, only the best are handpicked to work for today’s call centers—whether it’s for an inbound customer service or a technical support account.