Job search best practices for new graduates

With the graduation season just around the corner, the Philippines is looking to welcome thousands of new graduates into the local workforce. Among the many industries, the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector has become a trusted source of employment for these new graduates. Many of today’s workers credit the outsourcing industry for their fruitful careers, providing them with a multitude of opportunities for growth.

If you’re merely inches away from receiving your college diploma and would like to jump aboard the outsourcing industry, we’ve listed a handful of tips to help jumpstart your job search.

Don’t delay your job search

Some graduates decide to take an extensive vacation before joining the rat race, others choose to start their job search immediately. However, the sooner you can start looking around for employment, the sooner you can transition from a college student dependent on your weekly allowance to an active member of the local workforce earning your own salary.

Organize your online presence

Headhunters, recruiters, and human resources team in BPO companies commonly use the Internet when doing a background check on their applicants. They may look at your engagements and photos on your social media profiles, or check out what you’ve written on your blog. As such, you may want to:

  • Clean up your social stream
    Review your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest profiles for incriminating posts and photos that may misrepresent you and your credentials, and may even cost you that employment opportunity.
  • Create a more professional email address.
    Signing up with a will help show that you’re serious in stepping up to be a responsible employee. Unprofessional email addresses like or, on the other hand, will immediately turn off potential employers.

Create a resume and a compelling cover letter

With thousands of new graduates, the job hunt in the BPO sector can be challenging. As such, it’s best not to underestimate the power of an effective resume and a cover letter in helping you bag that job opening.

If you’ve had summer jobs or side jobs during college, be sure to put them in your resume even if they can be menial in nature. Include your internship experience as well. These, of course, will count as part of your job experience and will be beneficial, as most companies favor those who already have some experience in the field. It would also be best to create an online version of your resume for your online portfolio or personal site, and a PDF version which you can send via email to recruiters or upload on job hunting sites.

Your cover letter, on the other hand, should be both informative and compelling to ensure that your potential employers read it without it feeling like a chore to finish.

Keep an eye out for job fairs

Aside from scouring the classifieds for a job opening, you can also keep an eye out for job fairs. Commonly held at malls and major event halls, BPO companies of all sizes are always present in these events. Some of them have kiosks where they merely accept resumes from attendees, while others also have HR personnel ready to interview applicants. Depending on your credentials, skills, and how prepared you are, you may get hired on-the-spot.

Develop a network

Networking can also be a great way to get hired in the outsourcing industry. Ask around as you may have friends, relatives, and acquaintances who know of job openings. You can log into your social media accounts and ask friends who are already working if they can refer you to companies. You can also ask your professors if they could endorse you to their contacts or maybe write a referral letter for you. Upcoming industry events and school activities can also provide you with opportunities to build a network, and meet people who are already working in the field.