Possible job interview questions to ask recruiters


When job applicants are scheduled to be interviewed by their potential employers, it’s common for them to prepare answers to possible job interview questions. What they fail to prepare are questions for their interviewers. This is important because it helps you evaluate if the company and position are what you are really looking for.

In addition to this, asking your interviewers a set of questions also shows that you’re genuinely interested in working for their company. Open Access BPO suggests these possible interview questions to ask to your potential employers:


1.     What do you like about this company?


Asking your interviewers about their personal opinions allows you to engage with them on a deeper level. Sharing their candid insights allows you to assess whether the company’s goals coincide with yours. This can help you visualize what it’s like to join their team in the long run. If the interviewer finds it hard to give the company a commendation, consider it as a red flag.


2.     Why is the position vacant?


When a position in a company becomes available, it’s important to ask why the previous employee left. Not only will this give you an idea about their employment satisfaction and management structure, it can also tell you if there’s any potential growth in the company. If their employees don’t stay very long, then you might want to reconsider your application.


3.     What are the challenges that come with this position?


Knowing the demands of the work can help you decide if your skills and abilities fit what the position requires. Use this as an advantage to impress your interviewers. It gives you an opportunity to present your strengths that can make your recruiters see your potentials as an asset to the company.


4.     Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications?


Displaying confidence impresses interviewers. This is because it shows that you’re secured with your qualifications that makes it easy for you to discuss your possible weaknesses. It also gives you another chance to prove that you’re qualified to take on the responsibilities that go with the job position.


Job interviews should not be solely led by recruiters. Job applicants must have the initiative to take over conversations also. Take a more proactive approach by asking these questions to help you assess if their company’s objectives and offered career path complements with your long-term goals.