Qualities of a successful jobseeker

While many of those receiving their diplomas this month will pursue careers that are directly related to their degrees, a lot more are eyeing jobs in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. With all these new graduates jumping aboard the workforce, landing your dream job can be challenging. Aside from your fellow fresh graduates, you’ll also be competing against seasoned workers in their quest to move companies.

So to get you all ready, you should know that job hunting season involves getting mentally and physically prepared for anything you might encounter along the way and what potential employers may throw at you. Here are great traits every jobseeker must possess to conquer the job market:

1. Determination

No matter what the job position you’re aiming to bag, you may have to face many challenges during your job hunting. These challenges can range from being caught in the middle of a traffic jam on your way to your interview to getting stumped by a question thrown by the head of your prospective employer’s Human Resources department.

To overcome unfortunate situations like these, you’ll need to have an unwavering determination to get the job. This means having a resilient spirit that’ll help you to stand up and press on when the odds aren’t exactly swinging on your favor. You may also need to be rejection-proof because not every outsourcing company will be jumping at the chance to hire you on-the-spot.

2. Adaptability and flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility are two qualities companies find admirable among its employees and applicants. Obviously, companies want workers who can adapt to changing circumstances, and have both the initiative and the resourcefulness to take on and address challenges with minimal supervision. In fact, a report by the Right Management Group says that 91% of HR directors believe that by 2018, companies will be hiring people based on their ability to deal with change and uncertainty.

While being call center representatives can be a cut-and-dry position with a predefined set of responsibilities, the tasks involved may change a bit once you’re on the production floor— even more so if you get promoted.

3. Confidence

Confidence during the job interview can definitely help you stand out and get noticed, increasing your chances of getting hired in the outsourcing industry. According to a research, though every company has its own standards and requirements to consider, final hiring decisions are made by interviewers only four minutes after meeting an applicant. During this particularly short period, the decisions will be based on your self-confidence—how you look, speak, carry yourself, etc. As such, it would be very important to show your confidence from the moment you walk through the door.

Another thing:
Consider eliminating your concept of hiya. This is one very Filipino trait that borders around “shyness,” “embarrassment,” and “shame.” While it can sometimes be confused as a sign of being humble, it can also prevent you from being confident enough to showcase your good qualities, and show your potential employers what you can do.

4. Enthusiasasm

As mentioned, you may experience a few pitfalls in your journey to get a job in the BPO industry. But you’ll need to dust yourself off and keep trying again without losing that enthusiasm. It pays to be patient and to have a positive attitude throughout the whole experience. Be sure to keep your energies up and be enthusiastic because the next company you send your resume to just might be the one to welcome you and your skills aboard.

Job search site CareerCast says that intelligent enthusiasm always wins the job offer because employers see it as a sign that you’re more likely to invest in developing work-related skills, and turn in topnotch work quality. Enthusiastic workers are also known to be easier to work with, and will be productive team players.

Depending on your field, you may have to face many rejections and missed opportunities as you scour the job market for that dream job. Having these qualities can help you remain unfazed by any pitfall and keep you upbeat to take on and conquer any challenges.