The worst job interview blunders you should never make

What mistakes should you avoid when being interviewed for a job? Open Access BPO, a call center in the Philippines, unveils some common blunders that job applicants do on their big day.

The moment you step inside the room for your job interview, hiring managers begin scrutinizing your actions and words. In fact, a survey conducted by job website CareerBuilder reveals that 49% of employers and hiring professionals decide within just the first five minutes of a job interview whether they would hire an applicant or not.

It’s easy to commit mistakes during an interview without you even realizing it. Some of them are more common than you probably expect. It’s therefore important to take time in making yourself aware of these interview blunders before the big day so that you won’t be caught off-guard by them.

1.   Wrong outfit

There is only one dress code to follow when attending job interviews–you need to look professional. Although the company you’re applying for may dictate the kind of attire you have to wear during the interview, it’s imperative that you look polished and well-dressed in any situation.

2.   Tardiness

First impressions last. You can make a bad one by not arriving at your interview on time. Being late says a lot about your time management skills and professionalism. Employers may feel disrespected if you make them wait for a long time.

3.   Lack of research

Job applicants must always expect hiring managers to ask them about what they know about the company they are applying for. It’s a mortal sin to be unprepared for such a give-away situation. Gear up by visiting the company’s website, reading the company profile section, and reviewing your prospective company’s history, goals, and values.

4.   Lack of focus

Your job interview can be your make-or-break moment. Don’t let it go to waste by zoning out while the hiring manager is talking to you. Have enough rest before the interview so that you can be alert and look enthusiastic while interacting with your interviewer. Pay attention while the other person is talking, maintain eye contact, and exert effort to stay engaged.

5.   Too much information

Do you get annoyed when a person you’re talking to just goes on and on with his lengthy response when all you wanted was a simple yes or no? Well, that’s how your interviewer may feel when you tell him your whole life story. Keep your answers precise and straight to the point. Remain focused and just answer the core questions without adding extra details.

6.   Sentiments from the past

Badmouthing the company you’re planning to leave or the one you were once part of can send highly negative vibes. It shows how you keep grudges as a person. It can make interviewers wonder how you’d describe their company if they choose to hire you. You also need to prove to them that you can work well with colleagues and deal with conflicts in a mature way.

You have to be the best version of yourself during a job interview. This means you have to make sure every small detail you give to your employer, may it be in action or words, must work to your advantage. By avoiding these mistakes, you can make sure that you’re leaving a good lasting impression to your future employer.