Tips for introducing yourself during a call center job interview


“Can you tell me something about yourself?” is one of the most common questions asked during job interviews. When answering this, you might fall into the trap of aimlessly rambling off everything that’s stated on your resume.

When this happens, your interviewer will either trail off and simply browse through your resume or cut you off and proceed to the next questions.

There’s a way to prevent that. You can keep yourself interesting by making a tight introduction. To pitch yourself better during a call center job interview, talk about the most important points. Here are ways to do that:


1.     Keep it short


You have about 60 seconds to catch the attention of your interview. It’s important for you to be confident and enthusiastic as you talk about who you are and the highlights of your career. To show your sincerity and firmness, maintain eye contact, and remain warm. Keep in mind that introducing yourself is a way of warming up into the interview.


2.     Talk about your academic, work background


Give a brief overview of where you studied. After that, choose about two to three of your relevant work experiences that have enhanced your skills and refined your personality. Go into the specifics when telling your story. So instead of saying that you’re one of the top sales agent in your previous company, tell them how many times you’ve led the sales leaderboard, and how much sales you were able to bring to the organization.


3.     Talk about your skills


Talk about what you can bring to the table. In particular, identify the tasks (related to the job) that you’re capable of doing and the goals that you can achieve. Doing so will let your interviewer realize that you’re not only familiar with the job, it also shows that you’re aware of the responsibilities that go with the job and that you’re ready to take them on and exceed expectations.


4.     Talk about your family


Give them a glimpse of your family life. Were you well-off, middle class, or underprivileged? Talk about how your family experiences helped you overcome the challenges and how your strength translated into how you approach your tasks. Veer away from the drama, though. Focus on the important values and traditions that molded you as a person. A short mention of this will give them an idea of the things that are most important to you.


5.     Answer why you deserve the post


To wrap up, confidently answer why you deserve the post. Talk about how your career, personal experiences, and skills molded you into a better professional who is most capable of carrying out the tasks more than anyone else. Before your introduction ends, discuss the career goals that you’d like to achieve by being a part of the company.


It’s easy to fall deadpan when introducing yourself, especially when you’ve been into so many job interviews in your professional career. Always remember, though to remain professional and enthusiastic as this reflects your eagerness to seize the call center job you’re applying for.