Top 5 skills required of digital marketing applicants


As ecommerce flourishes in the 21st century, more and more Internet-related jobs have sprung up— most of which are well-suited for millennials. This is because this generation has a deep understanding of technology, having grown up during a time when electronic devices and software applications have started becoming available to consumers.

Among the fields borne out of the social web is digital marketing. It’s become the most sought after platform where companies can communicate with their demographic in order to present their products and services. Many brands and enterprises invest a lot in it to widen their reach and grow their consumer base.

If you’re planning to pursue a career in this online marketing field, here are the top skills you need to hone:


1.     Soft skills


In a nutshell, soft skills are qualities that lets you interact and work well with others. This includes your ability to communicate and collaborate with other people in your team, and to think creatively to devise solutions to any given challenge. Your output is part of a marketing endeavor as required by clients, and meant to be published for their consumers online.


2.     Content development skills


At the core of every digital marketing campaign is content, whether it’s a blog post, an infographic, or a video. Job applicants seeking employment in the online marketing field need one or more technical skills that can properly shape content for the client’s intended market. These skills include writing, video production, app development, and graphic design.


3.     Knowledge in content-driven strategies


To ensure that the brand’s message is easily distributed to their intended audience, digital marketers need specialists that understand the various content-driven tactics. This is why many companies look for applicants with experience in search engine optimization, social media marketing, or content marketing.


4.     Analytical skills


Every activity that the company is involved in generates data— from lead generation and customer complaints to social media engagements. Digital marketing applicants must be able to know how to analyze these bits of data and find ways to convert them into useful information. Such skills are helpful in understanding web analytics that evaluates the effectiveness of a website, and for determining essential aspects of an online marketing campaign.


5.     Adaptability


Individuals hoping to be experts in digital marketing must know how to adapt to the fast-changing world of ecommerce where tools, processes, and trends can change in short periods of time. You should be able to anticipate these shifts and create solutions to prevent problems from happening or mitigate the effects of unavoidable issues.


The digital marketing platform opens up various opportunities to millennials. If you’re one of those dreaming to have a successful career in such an endeavor, be sure to hone these skills and showcase them in your resume and during your job interview.