Using social networking sites to find a job

Aside from conducting background checks on their applicants, many companies today use social networking sites as a tool for recruitment. After all, the social platform offers many features that can help them reach potential new hires and invite them to come aboard. Similarly, jobseekers can meet recruiters and headhunters halfway on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to simplifying the whole job hunting process.

So how do you take advantage of social media for your job search? Here’s how:

Establish a strong social media presence

If you still don’t have social media profiles, now is a good time as any to establish your online presence. This ensures that you’ll have a platform for finding possible job opportunities, and interested companies can easily find you online.

Sign up with the popular social media platforms and those that are relevant to your industry, especially LinkedIn, a professional social networking platform for companies and jobseekers. You’ll need to optimize your social profiles to ensure that once potential employers find you, they’ll find favorable information about you, and that they’ll know how they can contact you.

Follow the right people

Start following (or Liking) brand pages of the major companies and influential people in your industry. Obviously, you’ll also be alerted via these pages’ content of any job openings these companies may have. In addition to this, watching what they share online will help you understand the current industry—what skills and positions are in demand, and which best practices are becoming standardized in your niche. With this, you can gauge your chances of getting hired based in your own credentials and skill set.

Conduct social searches for job openings

Not all companies post their job openings on their social networking profiles, while there are also others who are simply not active online. Conducting social searches can reveal employment opportunities you may not immediately find on your social feeds. This includes employees and headhunters who post the job openings on their personal profiles.

To start searching, you can simply type on the search bar words like “hiring,” or “jobs.” You can also search for specific keywords related to your industry such as job titles (“customer service representative,” “operations manager,” etc) or locations where you would like to work.

Keep your profiles updated

Keeping the bio section of your online profiles updated can help a lot should a potential employer stumble into your social media. Make sure that information like your education, job history, and contact details are up-to-date and complete. These can put a spotlight on you as a good choice for companies to hire, showcasing your credentials and skills instead of putting you in the background as just another job hunter on a social networking site.

Aside from these, upload fresh copies of your updated resume to LinkedIn where it can easily be accessible, or even on Pinterest where it can easily be shared online.

Engage within your network

Posting new status updates and content on your social profiles can keep you relevant among your followers, keeping your name constantly on their feeds. Along with this, it would prove helpful if you also engage with the people within your network as it offers multiple opportunities to network with other job hunters and
businesses searching for people to hire.