What recruiters want to ask live chat support applicants


More and more companies are realizing the importance of having web-based channels for providing assistance, thus prompting them to place live chat support on their e-commerce, corporate, and even social media sites. This is why next to call centers, the online customer service sector is leading the Philippine outsourcing industry in terms of growth and manpower need.

Firms offering live chat services are indeed becoming ideal hubs for professionals wanting to enter the customer service industry, but just because the demand is high doesn’t mean that anybody can become live chat agents. Candidates must go through screenings in order to earn the nod from recruiters. When you encounter a series of questions and tests, keep in mind these important things that recruiters want to know about you.


•   Do you have basic customer service skills?


It’s wrong to assume that customer service skills are not requisites in a job where you’d only have to answer questions from customers through instant messages sans visual or verbal interaction. Since live chat support involves interacting with customers, expect hiring personnel to want to look for service-oriented traits service-oriented traits in every applicant who wants this position.


•   Are you web-savvy?


You will likely be tasked to type walls of text, fill out forms, or answer mock questions via a live chat software. While these will show your typing ability, these tests also gauge how well-suited you are with the web-based platforms where live chat agents deliver support.


•   How do you articulate your thoughts?


Like a typical hiring interview for call center representatives, there will be questions and tests that will rate how well you put your thoughts into words. But these will mostly be conducted in written form. More than impeccable grammar and an excellent command of the business language, recruiters want to see how aspiring agents converse with customers. This ensures that empathy and a welcoming tone are still present even when you have to rely on canned messages or templates when answering frequently asked questions.


•   Are you a fast-thinker?


Instant messaging is called such for a reason: people use this to experience live, real-time conversations. So, customers have high expectations for the response time in this platform. The ideal span between a sent-in question and an agent’s reply should take no longer than three minutes. But an excellent typing speed can only do so much if the agent can’t think of a suitable response right away. Let recruiters see that along with fast fingers, your memorization and decision-making skills are in top shape.