What you can do while you are still out of job

The waiting time every job seeker spends before they land a job can be a perfect opportunity to try new things. Open Access BPO, a leading Philippine outsourcing provider, suggests a few ways how you can still be productive while you’re still looking for your next job.

So you’ve sent out your résumé to prospective employers, but you still haven’t heard from any of them yet. You’ve spent so much time in your room that you’re already starting to run out of ideas of what to do next. How do you make your waiting time a productive one? Here are some suggestions on what you can do while you’re still unemployed:

1.   Keep on looking for new job opportunities

One probable reason why you aren’t getting any positive result in your job search is because you’ve been searching for very specific job titles. Try to explore other opportunities where the required skills still fit yours. Searching for the same job every time you go on job search sites or forums may prevent you from discovering job opportunities that you didn’t know would interest you.

2.   Start earning money



Since you don’t know when your next job will start, it’s very important that you become wiser in managing your finances. So don’t waste your savings on unnecessary things. If you think it’s going to take a while before you get your next paycheck, you may invest in a small business either alone or with your friends. You may also look for part-time or freelance jobs that can sustain your financial needs while you search for full-time employment.

3.   Improve your skills

Some employers think that applicants who have been out of job for a while may not have up-to-date skills. What you do to maximize your idle time can also be asked during interview as a reflection of how you manage your time and take advantage of learning opportunities. Keep your skills updated by joining volunteer opportunities, enrolling in short-term courses, or attending seminars and workshops.

4.   Spend time with friends and family

Job hunting should not cause you to isolate yourself. In fact, your family and friends can help you find a job by giving suggestions, encouragement, or even referrals. Soon enough, you will be busy with your new job schedule. So don’t miss the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones while you still have a lot of free time.

While you’re still waiting for a work opportunity to come, it’s best that you make the most out of your waiting time by looking for opportunities to earn money, improve skills, or nurture relationships. By following any of these suggestions, you can prove to your next employer that you know how to find ways in becoming productive despite being unemployed.