Why cover letters should be a crucial component of your job hunt

Most job hunters these days believe that they must have two important tools in order to get hired: a resume that lists their credentials, and a positive personality that showcases their intelligence and confidence during the job interview. While these are indeed essential to your job search, it’s also best not to limit yourself to them. You will, for instance, also need to have a well written cover letter as a vital component of your job hunt.

Not every applicant these days even thinks about crafting and attaching a cover letter along with the resume. They often overlook its importance, thinking that it would be unnecessary since they already have their resumes with all the important details about them. What they don’t realize is that the cover letter has the power to convince recruiters and HR personnel to spend time to read your resume to find out more about you, and even convince them so consider drafting your job offer contract.

Here’s why cover letters should be crucial components of your job hunt.

It helps you stand out

The race to get a job these days can be fierce, especially if you’re in the call center industry which, as you know, is a growth sector that attracts generations of job hunters.

A well written cover letter can attract the attention of the recruiters, possibly helping you stand out among the applicants they’ve screened and met that day. Add the fact that not all applicants even bother submitting cover letters, and you can be sure that the recruiters can easily remember you. This can increase your chances of getting hired (if your credentials do make you qualified for the job opening, that is).

It lets you highlight your positive traits

Sure, your resume does list down all your credentials that make you qualified for the job opening, but a cover letter will let you talk about each of your credentials in detail. By highlighting your positive traits, you make a distinct connection between your authentic skills, and the company’s needs. A cover letter can also show your personality and future plans, letting employers know how you are as an employee/coworker, and assuring them that you’ll be committed to the job should you get hired.

It’s another chance to appeal to companies

A cover letter can provide you with another opportunity to communicate with your potential new employers. With it, you can introduce yourself and tell them important facts about you, your background, and special skills. You can better express your desire to work for them and what you can contribute to the company in a way that a resume and its limited format simply cannot. This makes it easier to convince recruiters, HR personnel, and call center headhunters that you can be a valuable new addition to the company.