Why jobseekers choose call centers in the Philippines

While there are a lot of job opportunities in other industries, many of today’s jobseekers opt to start their careers working for call centers in the Philippines. In addition to the high salary and appealing benefit package, there are many other reasons why Philippine contact centers remain an attractive destination to aspiring call center agents and jobseekers.

1. Employees feel valued

Philippine call centers make sure that employees feel that they’re highly valued. Aside from the good benefits and incentives, companies even encourage their employees to go on team building activities outside the office, and celebrate special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries.

For Filipino workers, the relationships built within the constraints of the company is as important as ones that are built outside, such as in schools and churches.

2. Employees see career growth

The great thing about Philippine-based call centers is that every employee can expect to attain career growth. There are career programs designed for the success of every employee are offered by the management, allowing entry-level workers to climb one rung up as they improve in performance. Some offices even present their newly hired workers with the possible career paths within the company. Along with this growth is financial stability—that is, increase in salary and improvement of benefits. Call centers in the Philippines are rich in such success stories.

3. Politics and discrimination incidents are low

One major reason why employees leave a company is the presence of unbearable politics, discrimination, and disrespect. Of course, no one would want to stay in a company where promotion and status are highly influenced by who or what you are. Quite the opposite, the call center workplace is a melting pot of people from all walks of life, of different races, sexual preferences, and religion. Contact centers are where every employee is respected no matter who you are and what you believe in.

4. Enjoyable working environment

Apart from the fact that most call centers in the Philippines are artistically-designed, the overall working environment is one of the reasons why many choose to work for contact centers. Contact center business owners always see to it that “fun” is always included in its business strategies, as such alleviates all the difficult-to-accomplish undertakings involved in the business.

Fun is delivered through various special programs (sports events, pageants, charities, et cetera), attractive gamification programs, and enticing performance-based rewards and incentives.

5. Approachable and friendly managers and bosses

It’s no longer a new thing to see managers, supervisors, and even executives hanging out with call center agents at smoking areas, pantries, and even outside the constraints of the company. This is what happens when respect becomes one of the core values of a company: hierarchy is set aside in lieu of friendship. Indeed, it isn’t hard to make friends with co-workers at call centers in the Philippines without losing the reverence each employee deserves.

For Philippine call centers, giving importance to employee welfare is way more important than focusing on quick ROI, sales, and obtaining positive online reputation, as they know that employees are their lifeblood—the most important aspect of their entire business endeavor.