Training and development senior supervisor


•     Excellent verbal and written communication skills

▫     Public speaking skills – must be able to present to groups and facilitate learning
▫     Interpersonal communication skills – must be able to speak to and motivate individuals for knowledge transfer and performance and behavior improvement
▫     Client and business relations skills
▫     Must be able to write technical and learner-centered teaching material.

•     Critical Thinking Skills – Able to understand the needs of programs, trainers, and learners; and can analyze what will effectively work for that audience and business need.

•     Computer Proficiency – Able to create, develop or assess materials that will help employees understand the content being taught. Proficiency in Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), reporting, and learning management applications highly preferred.

•     Advanced Management Skills – Will be in charge of training trainers and other learners, and need to motivate and train small to large groups of employees. So they need to have the following management skills:

▫     Time management;
▫     Multitasking;
▫     Learning management;
▫     Performance management;
▫     People management; and
▫     Classroom management.

•     Decision Making – Able to decide the best programs and approaches for training delivery in order to meet the needs of the organization. Can make decisions regarding performance and behavior management; solving day-to-day problems, and developing processes to improve operations.

•     Must be committed, hard-working, honest, has a strong desire to learn, and has no attendance and attitude issues.

•     Able to start immediately

•     Willing to work in Makati



The training and development senior supervisor will work closely with and assist Senior Training Manager with:

•     Training staff management;

•     Content development;

•     Process development;

•     Program implementation; and

•     Other learning and development projects


Salary: Up to Php35,000/month